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Tap Create playlist. Give your playlist a name and tap CREATE. Add songs to playlists. Once you create a playlist youll immediately get the option to add songs to it. To add songs later: Tap (iOS) (Android) to the right of the track, or in the topright corner of the Now Playing view. Tap Add to Playlist. Select a playlist. EditSpotify For Dummies. If you discover a playlist you like, you can drag it right to the top of your playlists and playlist folders. If you made a mistake and want to shift a playlist into a different folder (or just feel like a change), drag and drop the playlist into the correct folder. To take it out of a folder altogether, edit order spotify playlist

Editing playlist order on spotify mobile (Android) Solved! Go to solution. Reply. Topic Options. Why doesn't spotify support manually changing the order of playlists on the mobile version? (meaning once I change the order of a playlist on the desktop client it also appears like that on Android). From what I got it is or was possible to

To edit a Spotify playlist. To take a song off your playlist, click the icon beside it, and click Remove from This Playlist. To change your playlists name, click the icon beside the Play button, and click Rename. Type in a new name for your playlist, and then press the Enter key. To allow other people to add to, edit Jul 08, 2013 You have to make sure the playlist isn't sorted. You can't edit a playlist order if its been sorted by name, album, etc ( obviously then it wouldn't be sorted and that confuses Spotify). Hopefully removing whatever sort you have should work (drag n drop as others have said). edit order spotify playlist Sort playlists in Your Library. To reorder your list of playlists in the menu on the left, just click and hold a playlist title to move it up or down. You can also organize your playlists into folders: Rightclick a playlist in the menu on the left of the desktop app. Select Create folder. Give it a name and press enter. Drag playlists to a folder.

Mar 15, 2018 Spotify is one of the best music service apps right now. As convenient it is to download, save, and play music and playlist, there is a little confusion on how to rearrange songs in a Playlist on Spotify. This article will teach you how to rearrange songs in Spotify playlists. If you have been using edit order spotify playlist Jun 15, 2018 You can read this article if you want to learn more about Spotify playlists. Step 1: Open the Spotify desktop app. Step 2: Locate your playlists in the column at the left side of the window. Step 3: Click on a playlist that you want to put in a different spot in your list, then drag it and drop it in the desired location. Step 4: Repeat step 3 until you have all of your playlists in the desired order. After you add tracks to a Spotify playlist, you can rearrange them in your chosen order. Just click a track listing and drag it up or down the list youll see a white line appear between the playlist tracks, which indicates where you can drop the track youve selected. Let go of the mouse button, and the track moves into its new slot. Easy! Jun 29, 2018  The next Spotify update will enable the rearranging of tracks inside a Playlist glory be! This sort of feature editing is available on iOS device right now, and has been for some time. Spotify Mobile App: click the button (top right), choose edit and reorder the tracks using the handles on the right. Then click save (top right). Bonus: You can move multiple songs at once by selecting multiple songs and then clicking and dragging one of them to the position.

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